Thursday, August 27, 2009

Home Coming

Everyone was thrilled for my husband to be home. Everyone came to our house. Everyone invited us over. Everyone called. But it was only a few short days and we were trying to get back into some semblance of normality.

I had to go back to work as a supervisor at a high-tech firm and the kids returned to school. All seemed to be going well.

However, I soon discovered that my CSO was not himself. He would start to say something, then trail off. When I would ask him to speak up, he would normally say something derogatory about my lack of listening skills.

Later he began asking me what I did with all the money, even though I'd managed to do some super saving before he got home. I wasn't sure what he was expecting, but it soon became clear that he thought all I did was spend his money on who knows what. Since he was in Iraq, it was clear he didn't have anything to spend the money on; which to a certain extent was true. But we also had to pay for his internet over there (yes, a local company *gave* them local wireless access that topped out at speeds of about 56-90K for a mere $65/mo).

He also spent a great deal on his Military Star card as well as get a monthly "allowance" of about $200. And granted, I did not live like a monk when he was gone. We probably ate out a little more than we should have; bought a few more "things" than we should have, but it was nothing exorbitant.

I even had to replace a compressor unit on our home's heat pump -- which was not cheap. My daughter had all four wisdom teeth removed. My youngest got braces. My middle child played viola and we leased/purchased his instrument. Oh, and to say nothing of the 6 weeks we spent with the flu in the late Winter. And my youngest boy hit puberty -- do you want to know how many sets of jeans and shoes we went through?

It was no picnic for anyone that year, but for some reason the CSO just didn't want to talk to me about anything. And when he did, it was normally at the top of his lungs. It took me a while to figure out what was happening, but it was clear he blamed all our family problems on me.

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