Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I should have known I had it coming....

My husband has been enamored of the military as long as I've known him -- 20 years to be exact. He enlisted once when we were first married for a 3 year stint. I made it out unscathed but with a healthy dislike of the military family life.

Well, after waiting around for nearly another decade, my husband informs me he wants to join the military again.

I nearly decked him.

However, he was quick to explain that it wouldn't be with the regular army, but with the National Guard. And not in a combat unit; with a CID unit (think Colonel Flagg from M*A*S*H). Essentially he would be a detective for the army investigating crimes within the military.

Ok, no big deal. I say 'go'.

Well, not long after his enlistment does his unit receive orders that they faced a deployment to Iraq later that year. So we spent months preparing for his deployment. We cried and sighed and said goodbyes. Then he was gone.

We wrote, we chatted online. He was in the dessert alone and I was home working full-time and taking care of three teenagers. It was a real roller coaster ride, to say the least. But we survived.

And when my husband stepped off the bus and into the gym with the rest of his unit, the screams were deafening. But the long-awaited reunion was brief and punctuated by disappointment and rife with ill will on both sides of the bed.

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