Thursday, September 10, 2009

Free at Last...He's Free at Last....

We went to my son's detention hearing today (the 3rd one in about 3 weeks) and the judge finally released him under house arrest. He will be attending the Juvenile Justice Alternate Education Program (JJAEP) rather than attending regular high school.

Oh Goody! Not only will he not get to miss normal high school, he'll get to continue to associate with some really notable characters. Such as child molesters, drug users, thieves, and a group of other unsavory characters. Of course the system would say that my son is the same as them. However, unlike most of those other students, he was not caught in the act. He was arrested on circumstantial evidence six weeks after the crime: and no one can place him at the scene.

But he is home. And we ate pizza.

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