Friday, September 18, 2009

More Legal Counsel...

We met with my son's lawyer this afternoon. Since my CSO wasn't there this time, I actually got something out of the meeting.

The trial date is tentatively set for the first week in January. I'm anxious, terrified, depressed, and nauseated at the thought of the prospect. This is stuff you only see on TV. And it's like being in a bad 'Law and Order' episode.



Man invades home; door is unlocked. He's wearing a ski mask and wearing shorts, combat boots and carrying a type of K-Bar hunting knife.

Making his way upstairs in the dark, he slips into the master bedroom and approaches the bed: a woman is sleeping alone. Putting the knife to the woman's throat he whispers:

"Where is your son?"

Screaming, thrashing and heaven knows what else ensues. Blood goes everywhere. Attacker flees the scene. Woman, still alive, but bloodied, calls 911. Victim swears that it's a particular kid, even tho she was unable to see identifying features of her attacker in the dark w/masked face.

Police investigate. Word gets around the neighborhood they are looking at this particular person -- and only this particular person. Word get backs to boy that he's under suspicion. He texts his friends wondering what is going on and why. A few 'friends' tell him to protect himself by hiding any evidence that meets what the police are looking for.

Cops search suspect's house; parents find out about crime and that their child is suspect.

Friend who told boy to hide evidence tells police that suspect hid the evidence. Another 'friend' claims that suspect threatened to shoot up school, but cannot produce evidence -- hear-say is sufficient evidence with police. Arrest occurs.

Court hearings, confinement to juvenile system, lawyers, and nothing makes sense. The city's police department is in a small town not accustomed to handling these types of crimes -- they want to throw the book at the suspect since they've already judged guilty.

County attorney believes he is guilty. Suspect passed all psychological, drug, and behavioral tests -- character witnesses for suspect came out. But case moves forward.


I just need one more shot of tequila. That should kill the pain tonight.

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