Saturday, October 10, 2009

On a Lighter Note....

It was a *really* crappy day. My son hit bottom in depression and we had to take him to a counselor to make sure he is ok. After dealing with this by myself this morning and then managing to get my son on a somewhat even keel, I went back to work for the rest of the day.

I did manage to talk to my son's lawyer to see exactly what it was he told my son that would have made him go down hill so fast. I think my son was just overwhelmed by what was said. There's a lot to go through in his case, but in reality, not a lot of physical evidence, and no eye witnesses. Whew.

CSO got home, brought me some beer, and then is out with his girlfriend tonight.

My son wanted to see some friends so we're having a sleep over with some of them and they are downstairs having an XBox party. I came upstairs and drank a few beers and listen to some great music:

My Pandora Station:

I then moved on to watching YouTube videos of cute cats with my daughter:

This one is rather long, but that last minute and a half it made me laugh out loud:

Then we moved on to some other items we liked:

And an older one:

My son even got involved and made us watch this one again:

Ah, one more beer and I'm off to bed.

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