Saturday, October 10, 2009

Out of the House

We'd been given special permission from my son's probation office (even tho he's not been convicted of a crime, he has one because he's under house arrest) to leave the house and go to the local Halloween store. My CSO likes going to them this time of year and he thought the oldest son would also, if nothing more than to get out of the house and away from his regular routine.

We did, he did, and we also stopped at Whataburger and got some real done-up burgers. Half of mine is still in the fridge, so I imagine when I get hungry again, I'll finish it off.

CSO had another "party" to go to this evening. He said he would be back at 6p. That was 2.5 hours ago. So I don't know when he'll be returning tonight, if at all.

I'm off to see if I can't get distracted by some music and a game.

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