Thursday, October 1, 2009


Most of the problem is CSO is home. He's been unbearably unsociable and wondering why no one wants to spend time with him (even tho all he does is play on his computer). If we're upstairs, he goes downstairs; if we're downstairs, he mumbles something about never getting the TV.

He'll ask me where something is, and I'll say "It's supposed to be in xxxx; I haven't touched it," and he mumbles something sarcastic under his breath. He's actually not been the most cheery fellow.

Then today we went to court for oldest son's "how have you been doing since you got out of jail and went on probation even though you haven't been proven guilty" hearing. We waited in the court room for 2 hrs before being called and then it was just to reschedule for the 15th. CSO decided he could be civil. We actually exchanged more than a dozen words.

I've talked him into getting rid of our shared account and only using our individual accounts. He will deposit what is the equivalent to child support in my account. I already have a budget for that and can pay for pretty much everything out of it. Even save a little money. It will still be tight.

So why is it I still cannot work up the courage to tell CSO to leave?

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