Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mom and Dad

My parents are approaching what I consider to be "old age". They are 77 and 78, respectively and got married at the ages of 18 and 19.

While I was growing up, I loved when family friends came over and visited. These visits usually ended up with everyone telling stories from their lives. Thing is, in almost every instance, my parents' stories were always the best -- and everyone else knew it. The conversation would settle into one story after another as people asked more questions about my family's life.

You may ask "Ms. Fortune, what was so unusual about your family's life?" Honestly, I don't know. My mom was a stay at home mom that made a house into a home and kept us fed, cleaned, clothed, and in line. My dad worked for a living and provided the leadership necessary to raise a family. My house hold environment was much like The Cleavers' and my mom was a lot like Aunt Bea (Google them).

However, in the course of their marriage, they did manage to move approximately 90 times, raising three kids along the way. Being the youngest child, I only moved about 25 or 30 of those.

My parents traveled a lot of miles, met a lot of people, and lived a lot of life. Personally, I think they are two people worth knowing.

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