Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Have a Life....

Apparently, now that my son is doing well on his probation, and only 1 of 2 people to have made it all the way through the Intensive Supervision Probation phase (all others failed and were put into Jail), the County has decided to screw with the boy some more.

Let me give a little background, for those of you who haven't ready my entire blog:

-- Boy gets arrested but claims innocence (he is 15 yo at the time).
-- Boy is told that the only way to not get tried and sentenced as an adult is to take a plea on this case (even tho in the State of ______ only 16 yo are tried as adults unless the crime is really heinous: this crime is not).
-- Boy takes plea anyway
-- Boy is sentenced to Probation until 18th birthday with ISP (Intensive Supervision Probation to last 3-6 months)

So, more than 10 months after sentencing, the County has decided that they want a polygraph test from my son because they want to prove he's changed. But they plan on asking him about the crime to see if he actually did it.

My question is: since he took the plea and his sentence ends in about a year, what will do they with any information they find from this test?

If he fails, will they decide to not let him off probation in a year? Will they want to go back for a trial (isn't that double jeopardy?)? Will said trial be as a juvenile or as an adult? Will they change the terms of his probation?

If he passes, will the county say "Sorry we put you through this, you are no longer on probation and we're going to clear your name of any guilt?" Not likely. They will probably keep that under their hat and let the probation continue to it's end.

I'm beginning to feel like I live in Cold War Russia where the government does what it wants for its own reasons without any concern for justice or the truth.

I'm also wondering why the county has such a bee in its bonnet the they continue to push to ruin this one boy's life? I thought rehabilitation for the youth in the juvenile system was what they wanted? Clearly they want to peg him as a lifetime criminal and make SURE he has to lead a life of crime, because they have removed any viable, honest options for him.

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