Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Overheard in the Household....

Son: (complaining) So, I'm in English class and this girl is sitting behind me. She has really big boobs.

Mom: um, oh yeah?

Son: Yeah. And we never talk.

Mom: Ok...

Son: (still complaining) Well, today we strike up a conversation and we're just chatting it up. Next thing I know, all her girlfriends are over and chatting me up too. And they all...have...big...boobs.

Mom: Right...

Son: (more complaining) I ended up having to add all their numbers to my phone.

Mom: (confused) Er, since when was talking to girls with large chests and having them force their phone numbers on a guy a problem for you?

Son: When I wanted to maintain a 100 average in English, Mom!

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