Thursday, May 5, 2011

One More Ending

Got a call from the realtor yesterday saying that our house was closing and they needed us to sign the papers today. I wanted to do one last walk through on the house before we did so.

Ended up, the title company's computers went down (huh?) and they couldn't print the paperwork (why wasn't that already printed out?) so they'd have to put it off until tomorrow (sure).

We still did the walk through on the house. First time in over a year. It was depressing. With Ian leaving this summer and the house going away, I just really feel as if the last 20 years have been taken away from me and I'm having to start from scratch. While my CSO is getting remarried, buying a house, and taking our sons with him.

No, life is not fair. And karma does not always prevail.

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