Saturday, March 10, 2012

One More Ending

Robert Louis Cooper, born in April 1932, passed away this morning from liver cancer after lapsing into a brief coma. When I think about this, I'm so sad because I'll not get to talk to him again for a very long time. But when I think about his life, the first thing that comes to mind is that movie "Second Hand Lions".

Remember at the end after Michael Caine and Robert Duval have died by flying the airplane through the barn and Haley Joel Osment's grown up character shows up to assess the situation? The arab prince and his son fly in on an helicopter to pay their respects. The prince and Walter chat about the men and the prince's young son responds, "Those men really lived?"

And Walter looked around, thinking about everything they had done and replied, "Yes. They *really* lived."

My parents have really lived. During their 60 years of marriage, they moved nearly 80 times -- most of it in the oil business -- having three children along the way. They have 6 grandchildren, and their first great grandchild will enter this world next month.

They have either lived in or visited approximately 60% of the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. And have traveled all the countries in the North American continent.

Growing up in this family has been  an education in history and geography, and I find I'm better versed on the subject than most just for being a part of it.

My father was an example of what a man, husband and father should be -- I've found very few to be his equal. He believed -- and lived -- the basic principal of James 4:17: "Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin."

There is no way that I can express the kind of man he was in these few feeble words -- it would take multiple volumes to do it any justice. Just know that this world is less one good man, but his very existence made a difference.

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  1. Both your parents made a lasting impression on me that gave my life a spark. Your fathers conversations were always intriguing and full of wonderful advice that I took to heart. Please let your mother know how sorry I am. Truly I understand the pain and will pray fervently for the mending of the wounds something like this inevitably does to your heart.